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Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp

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International Spiritualist Federation


National, USA


National Spiritualist Association of Churches


Morris Pratt Institute

The History, Science, Philosophy and Religion of Modern Spiritualism




Spiritualist Churches and Camps in New England




The New London Spiritualist Church


Ladies Aid Society Camp at Pine Grove





Augusta Spiritualist Church

Harrison D. Barrett Memorial Church


Madison Spiritualist Campmeeting Association Inc.


Maine State Spiritualist Association of Churches


Pinpoint of Light Spiritualist Center


Portland Spiritualist Church


Temple Heights Spiritual Camp


Temple Heights Spiritualist Church





The On-l-Set Wigwam Spiritualist Camp


First Spiritualist Church of Brockton


First Spiritualist Church of Springfield



New Hampshire


The Church of Spiritual Life, Salem






Home Schedule About Spiritualism History Contact Web Links

Pine Grove Spiritualist Camp